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Sven Rosvall

Address: 112 Ballinteer Close
Dublin 16
Phone home: 01-2961908
mobile: 086-4058976
Nationality: Swedish (European Union)

Professional History:

2008- Senior Software Developer Microsoft, Dublin, Ireland
Software Development Manager, Dublin, Ireland
IBM, Dublin, Ireland
Cresta, Dublin, Ireland


Software Developer & Project Manager

Programming Research Ltd. (PRL), Dublin, Ireland


Systems Developer

SECTRA-IMTEC AB, Linköping, Sweden.


UNIX Administrator

Ericsson Radio Systems, Linköping, Sweden.


Team Leader

Scandinavian System Support AB (3S AB), Linköping, Sweden.


System Engineer

Context Vision, Linköping, Sweden.

Key Skills & Experiences

Project Management

Responsible for project planning, capture requirements, estimation, quality assurance and delivery. Teams up to 5 people. Focus on testing for both quality and productivity. Successful project time predition.

Personal Skills

Work well in teams and alone. Creative and committed in my work. Eager to learn new things. Manage many simultaneous tasks well. Frequently asked for advice by others.

Presentation & Communication Skills

Sales support, installation and setting up coding standards for clients.
Presentation of products and future directions internally and to clients.
Internal training and coaching.

Systems Analysis & Design Skills

Excellent architecting and designing skills. Care for both the details and the bigger picture. Strong prototyping skills. Extensive experience with distributed systems and cloud systems.

Quality Skills

Emphasise early testing and designing software for testability. Design and code reviews. Designed and implemented automated test suites including test harnesses for unit testing and black-box testing.

Programming Languages
& Utilities

C++ [Expert]
Perl [Expert]
Shell script [Expert]

C# [Good]
Java [Good]
C [Good]
YACC/Lex [Good]
Make [Good]
CVS [Good]
SQL [Fair]
Visual Basic [Fair]
PowerShell [Fair]

Operating Systems

UNIX (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, SCO, IRIX, …) [Expert]
MS-Windows [Good]

Windows Azure (Cloud) [Good]

Methodologies & Standards employed

ISO 9001
Extreme Programming
Design Patterns

Other applications

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
WIKI (a knowledge base system)
Microsoft Visual Studio


Swedish [Native]
English [Excellent]
German [Conversational]
French [Conversational]

Major Education:

Linköping University, Institute of Technology

Diploma for Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering dated 1988. Studied on the computer science and engineering branch.
Also worked extra at a research group as system administrator. Installed an electronic mail system and helped the group with all IT related issues.

Military Service

Squad commander in a traffic platoon.

Vadsbo College, Mariestad

Three year technology gymnasium, electrical branch.
Extra: German, Biology

Different schools in Mariestad

Comprehensive schools.
Extra: German, Typewriting.

Other Education:


Seminar series held 1997-1998 by Catalyst Software Ltd. for small businesses.

Drivers License

B – cars in 1980 and A – motorcycles in 1984


I was born 1962 in Mariestad in Sweden and moved to Linköping 1981 to study at the university there. In 1997 I moved to Dublin to join Programming Research Ltd. I enjoy living in Ireland and regard it as my home now. I am married to Kari, and have no children.

I have been a member of many clubs, often as a committee member. Most notably the university computer club Lysator has given me many opportunities to practice what I learned in school.

In my spare time I am looking for adventures and fun with my wife in the nature, on travels, in books, in movies and among friends. My motorcycle contributes to the adventures.

I enjoy working with our house and in the garden. Seeing what comes up in the garden is also an adventure.

Work Experience:

References available on request.


Dublin, Ireland
Role: Senior software developer 2008-

Develop a data warehouse system for storing large amounts of monitoring data from Microsoft datacenters.

Migrate the log processing system of Microsoft's content delivery network (CDN) to cloud applications in Windows Azure.

Develop tools for automatic network management in Microsoft datacenters.


  • Designed and developed a 4 TB data warehouse on SQL Server. Introduced Unit Testing for databases to ensure that triggers, stored procedures and constraints are correct.
  • Designed and developed the log processing system as a cloud application.
  • Designed and developed a system for programmatically manage network equipment in datacenters. Reduce cost of network maintenance by eliminating faults from manual tasks.

Dublin, Ireland
Role: Software Development Manager 2005-2007
         Senior Software Developer 2007-2008 is a major online retailer.

Lead a team in Dublin that is part of Ordering group with responsibility for persistance of created orders in large databases. Maintenance of  server farm where the ordering system is running.

Member of the Monitoring team which is responsible for key performance montitoring and alarming systems that are cruical for ensuring that the website is working properly at all times. Develop and maintain log storage system that stores 4-5 TB/day in Amazon's cloud solution AWS.


  • Learned how to run a huge website with impressive availability and response times.
  • Turned the log storage system from incubation to a production system.
  • Applied Agile development practices such as TDD, frequent releases, iteration planning.


Dublin, Ireland
Role: Consultant 2004-2005

Developing Websphere solutions to clients in the financial sector.


  • Developed an adapter for transferring data from legacy system used by UK Department of Works and Pensions into Websphere.
  • Assisted IBM Netherlands to build Websphere solutions for their client banks.
  • Designed transaction workflows for a US bank. Websphere was used as a central engine to combine workflows between a number of transaction protocols and legacy client systems.


Dublin, Ireland
Role: Consultant 2003

Cresta is a testing consultancy specializing in analyzing test needs for clients and providing testing solutions at various levels.

Analyze test needs and provide high quality test instructions to clients.

Programming Research Ltd.

Dublin, Ireland
Role: Project Manager 1997-2003

Programming Research develops and sells static analysis tools for C (QAC), C++ (QAC++) and Java (QAJ). These tools find potential bugs and coding standard violations in the source code and give users advice on how to improve the code. PRL also provides various quality improvement services such as coding standards and training. PRL is deeply involved in the standardisation processes and the latest developments of these programming languages.

Worked with QAC++ from concept stage, working through the complete software lifecycle, right through to a commercially sold product with approximately 2000 licenses sold world-wide. The product was ported and released on various UNIX and Windows dialects. Customer and sales support. Managed bug reports and feature requests. Led a team of up to 5 people.
Additionally, I was responsible for the network infrastructure in the Dublin office, which included support for remote users over a secure link (SSH).


  • Annual releases with high quality level on deliverables.
  • Established an environment for a geographically distributed development team.
  • Set up and maintained a configuration management system (CVS) for all development in PRL.
  • Set up an automated regression test suite.
  • Gained a thorough understanding of advanced usage of C++ and how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Introduced WIKI as a knowledge base for more or less important pieces of information. This was very useful to capture small bits of knowledge that was too trivial to put into formal documentation.
  • Designed and implemented code generation tools to reduce coding work and maintenance.


Linköping, Sweden
Role: System Developer 1993-1997

Sectra-Imtec develops X-ray image management systems (IDS/TRS) for radiology departements.

Developer for a digital X-ray image management system (IDS/TRS) for radiology departments.
Responsible for their X-ray image archiving product (IMS) from 1995. This product is designed for highest reliability and contains a RDB system for managing large amounts of image data. The platform is HP-UX and built with C++ and shell scripts.
I was also responsible for the company’s UNIX-systems and networks.


  • Implemented TeleRond, a system for viewing and managing X-ray images simultaneously on geographically distributed workstations.
  • Extended IMS to manage a tape jukebox with 2 Terabyte storage.
  • Ported IMS jukebox support from HP-UX 9 to HP-UX 10.

Ericsson Radio Systems

Linköping, Sweden
Role: UNIX System Administrator 1993

Employed in the system operations department. The main task was initially to install and maintain a simulation tool based on SCO-UNIX. I got a good view of the network and computer systems in the company and soon became part of the team which was responsible for maintaining and planning these systems which included more than 200 Sun workstations, 10 servers and 100 PCs.

Scandinavian System Support AB

Linköping, Sweden
Role: Team Leader 1988-1992

Responsible for a groupware system called WINIX that contained a mailing and conferencing system in a PC-environment for the users and UNIX-servers as a backbone system.
I also had the responsibility for the computer systems and network.

Context Vision

Linköping, Sweden
Role: System Developer 1987-1988

Responsible for development of network support for the image processing system GOP.

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